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Love the app

Great concept

Its a like a cyber garage sale. You can offer what youre willing to pay and go from there. Ive purchased various things on the app and so far so good! Just be safe and always meet up in a public space

App doesnt work. Dont waste your time or space on your phone. Error message constantly pops up which in turn will not let you post or make an offer on an item. Also, customer svc. is nonexistent.


I really love this app! It is an easy way to buy stuff locally and sell things easily too.

Best app ever

I love this app

Great App.

Great app, great deals, worth having on your phone.

Great app

Simple easy to use and convenient

Love it

Im on it all the time, great app.

So many fake iPhone 7 listings

There are so many users listing fake iPhone 7. After reporting those users to offer up. Offer up doesnt do sh*t to those users. This app should be removed from Apple Store

Very nice I love it

I love it

App wont work

It automatically updated itself on my iPhone and now I cant use this app anymore I rebooted phone & turned off n on did a factory reset NOTHING fixed it help! Fix my app so I can use it again (I just lost my job so this is my only way of making $) I dont understand why it wont work, it wont even let me delete it and re load it I have racked my brain and IDK why it wont work. HELP PLEASE

I have a lot of customers on this app

I love do business on this app

Needs to make iPad compatible version

Love using the app but if you download it on iPad you only get about half the screen with 1x/2x size but it wont full screen size. Im sure other people want to use their iPads when at home an enjoy a much larger screen. Make a iPad version please

Cant ask batter then that

Love this app

Better Than Craigslist!

Love this app. The fact that individuals get verified is a huge plus. You know youre working with trusted and verified people. It is simple to use and has great features. Love it.

Literally the worst app!!

Scammers every time and if you report it the support team doesnt care and people are able to post fake ads and then block you after they scam you so you cant even warn people

Best sales app

Love this App very easy to use!!

Offer up is convenient

I enjoy the ease of posting items to sell and the privacy this app affords me. Have made many sales with honest people, safely.

So stoked on this app

Solid 5/5. Phoenix metro area is loaded with up to the minute posts of all sorts. Love the push notifications. It guarantees youll get a quick response from a seller that you contact. Also the make an offer button is genius. Well done

Great app

This app is simply addictive! I consider it one of the safest Ive used. I recommend it to everyone!!

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